viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

URGENT! Brutal Repression in San Pedro Sula

A few minutes ago militars and police attacked university students that had an artistic demonstration against the Conference Honduras is Open for Business in San Pedro Sula, in the north region of Honduras.

The students had organized a demonstration and a concert to protest agains the intentions of the military regime to put Honduras on sale. Few minutes after the beginning of the activities hundreds of tear gas bombs and rubber bullets where used to attack the students and other demonstrators.

The journalist and camera man Uriel Rodriguez was shot in his head with a tear gas bomb, and then was attack by police officers that almost kill him. He is now in a hospital thanks to human rights defenders.
Uriel was attacked a month ago when police officers identified him as part of TV GLOBO (one of the few media that is against the military regime) and shot him in his knee with a tear gas bomb.

This is the democratic government that the State Department is supporting, this is the calm country that they are offering on sale to international investors.

Please spread the voice.


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